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    This collection of small handwoven textile art pieces are created using natural undyed linen in the warp and undyed labswool and fluffy mohair yarns in the weft, in gorgeous natural and chocolate colours. Each piece is one of kind and handwoven by Charlotte in our South London studio. 


    • Hand woven in South London

    • Hand made & finished in studio

    • Handwoven piece approx 48cm x 48cm

    • Handstitched using a needle and thread to a 62cm x 62cm Acid-Free mount board 

    • This piece comes framed in a Black Osmo frame as photographed.

    • Linen, Lambswool & Mohair

    • One of a kind piece


    It is important to me that you are happy and satisfied with your order.

    If you decide to return an item, please be aware that you are responsible for shipping charges to get it back to me for an exchange or refund.

    Please contact me if there are any problems with your purchase or any damages during shipping and I'll be happy to work it out with you. 

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