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Hi, I am Charlotte, owner, designer, weaver, admin, marketing, social media, post lady etc.. you get the point, Woven Form is a one woman show. I create one of a kind handwoven textile art pieces for the home. My style of weaving is very free, I focus on combining different textures and colours to recreate those which are found within architecture. I love using bold colours and have recently spent time exploring with more neutral tones and really focusing on the textures. Each piece I make is different and when I sit down at the loom I don’t always know what I am going to weave. I really enjoy working this way, it is exciting to see what comes out of each warp. It is a very organic way of working and this brings me the most enjoyment.

I really fell in love with weaving at university, in Brighton, I immediately became intrigued with the physical practice and the endless possibilities for experimentation, through fibre, structure and colour. I love the freedom of weaving, it makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful and I get a lot of enjoyment from it.

I have a home studio space based in Margate, where I hand weave all of the pieces in the collection. I work with a variety of different yarns, I source a lot of them from mills and factories using up their deadstock yarns, so yarns that would be a waste product from the textile industry normally. I am a big fan of merino wool and I make most of my warps out this this as it is such a great base and works really well with most other yarns. The key thing to look for in a yarn for me is texture so I use a lot of fluffy mohair, loop mohair, lambswool, alpaca, cotton flag, flecked yarns. 

I think everything can be an inspiration but for me architecture is the gift that keeps on giving. One building alone can be the source of so much inspiration and spark off ideas for an entire collection. I love the combinations of colours, textures and patterns used to make the built world so stunning and exciting. London is such a great place to take in architecture as every road is different to the previous one, we have a really unique mix of architecture built through different times and I love to go for a walk with my camera and see what I come across. 

Charlotte Wakefield Portrait. PhotoCred



Tel: 07746709634

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