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designers guild collaboration

June 2017 I was lucky enough to take part in the New Designers One Year On Show, this was my very first trade show so really nerve-wracking and I had no idea what to expect. During this show I chatted with Mark Homewood who is a Buyer for Designers Guild. I was beyond excited about this conversation and really hopefully it would turn into something tangible but also trying to not get my hopes up! So a couple of weeks after the show Mark and I were in touch and an order was placed for a collection of scarves to be sold in the Designers Guild stores for AW17. The collection I was producing was taken from the designs in the Brixton Collection but using the colour palette that they were working with for this season. I love doing special projects for people so this was really exciting for me. Also a great chance to see how my designs work in a completely different colour palette. I went by their Chelsea store to pick up some swatches of their key fabrics and then got to working selecting what I felt were the best colours that would work for scarves. I focused on a lovely emerald green and a beautiful light plum. Here are some pictures below of the finished results of the scarves. 

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